Stewardship Code Center

The Korea Stewardship Code Center established within KCGS is comprised of researchers specialized in stewardship code and has accumulated an array of best practice cases in relation to stewardship responsibilities from Korea and abroad as a result of the research activities the Center has thus far performed. The Korea Stewardship Code Center works independently from the main business division of KCGS.
This separation of jobs is intended to prevent any conflict-of-interest issues from occurring in the first place. As per the Recommendations from the Korea Stewardship Code,the Center carries out the following activities:

Responsibilities of Stewardship Code Center

Providing supports for establishment and revision of the Code
  • Periodic review and amendment of the specific details of the Principles based on the overall market circumstances in Korea and abroad
  • Establishing a process to collect opinions from institutional investors and other stakeholders
  • Providing supports for the operation of the Korea Stewardship Code Council and the revision of the Code
Providing supports for participation and implementation by institutional investors
  • Publishing guidelines to help and facilitate participating institutional investors implement the Principles set by the Code and sharing best practices from Korea and abroad
  • Publishing guidelines on shareholder activities
  • Other diverse activities to help domestic and overseas institutional investors join and implement the Code
Research on market trends
  • Researching and publishing overall market trends on a regular basis with regard to the participation in and implementation of the Principles
  • Disclosing the list of the institutional investors that are already participating or plan to participate in the Code and their relevant information such as website details
  • Providing networking opportunities for institutional investors and other stakeholders through hosting forums to discuss Stewardship Code
  • Organizing symposiums to discuss market trends, legal environments and challenges with regard to Stewardship Code

For questions, please contact Stewardship Code Center at +82-2-6951-3901

New Annex Building of Korea Exchange Seoul Office, 76 Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea