Stewardship Code Center

The Korea Stewardship Code Center comprises researchers specialized in stewardship code and has accumulated an array of best practice cases from Korea and abroad as a result of their research activities. In line with the Recommendations from the Korea Stewardship Code,the Center carries out the following activities:

Responsibilities of Stewardship Code Center

Providing supports for establishment and revision of the Code
  • Operation of the Korea Stewardship Code Council and providing necessary assistance
  • Periodic review and amendment of the specific details of the Principles provided by the Korea Stewardship Code
  • Collecting opinions from institutional investors and other stakeholders
Providing supports for participation and implementation by institutional investors
  • Providing assistance for the adoption and implementation of the Code by local and international institutional investors
  • Publishing the Korea Stewardship Code Guide Book and guidelines on shareholder activities
  • Sharing best practices from Korea and abroad
Research on market trends
  • Research on market trends and assistance on laying the market foundation
  • Research on market trends with regards to the adoption and implementation of the stewardship code
  • Disclosing the list of the institutional investors that have already joined or plan to join the stewardship code
  • Organizing and supporting forums and symposiums to discuss stewardship code

Contact : Stewardship Code Center at +82-2-6951-3851

New Annex Building of Korea Exchange Seoul Office, 76 Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea