Proxy Advisory Service

As a steward managing and taking care of the assets entrusted by clients, institutional investors are obliged to put in best efforts to maximize the benefit of the clients. Proactive exercise of voting rights is the most fundamental right and duty imposed on the institutional investors, who should cast votes in the best interests of the clients. As most of the general meetings in Korea are clustered around a short period of time, however, institutional investors have difficulties analyzing the agenda of all investee companies in a faithful manner.

Moreover, it is hard for individual institutional investors to bear all the expenses required to set up the infrastructure necessary for exercising voting rights. They also need to effectively manage potential conflicts of interest they may encounter in the transactional relationships. This is why they need help from an independent expert agency. As an independent expert group, KCGS provides comprehensive proxy advisory service from providing guidance on the standards for exercising voting rights to analyzing individual agenda items of the general meeting so that institutional investors can exercise shareholder voting rights without challenges.

  • Establishment and Revision of Proxy Voting Guidelines

    Advisory service for establishing and revising proxy voting guidelines so legal and institutional changes and market trends are duly reflected.

  • Analysis on the general meeting agenda items

    Covers the widest range of shareholders’ meeting agenda items in Korea
    Provides agenda analysis reports for annual and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings of more than 700 companies every year

  • Advisory service on exercising shareholder rights

    Active engagement including filing shareholder proposals
    Market trend and policy analysis, establishing and revising (customized) guidelines

Analysis Process

  • STEP 1- Initiating with preliminary agenda items
    - Finalizing target firms and proxy planning
  • January
  • February
  • Board Resolution to Convene a Shareholders’ Meeting
  • STEP 2- Analyzing director election proposals for voting recommendation
  • Shareholders’ Meeting Notice
  • STEP 3- Analyzing other agenda items
    - Drafting reports
  • STEP 4- Review
    - Sign-off
  • STEP 5- Sending out reports
  • Report Submission
  • D-DayAnnual General Meeting

Contact : Responsible Investment Team at +82-2-6951-3851

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