KCGS Codes for ESG Practices

KCGS is a sole publisher of the codes of practice for environmental responsibility, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance, aimed at presenting desired corporate governance and socially responsible management practice thereby to help Korean companies earn confidence domestically and internationally.

Environmental Responsibility
Code of Best Practices for Corporate Environmental Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Code of Best Practices for Corporate Social Responsibility
Code of Best Practices for Corporate Governance
Maximized Corporate Value
Corporate Environmental Responsibility Code
Presents future directions of environmental management toward which Korean companies should shift amid environmental issues rising as key factors to business sustainability
* Established in December 2010
Corporate Social Responsibility Code
Puts forward a future vision for socially responsible management for Korean companies to gain trust domestically and abroad as sustainable management attracts growing attention in the society and corporate social responsibility becomes a key factor in investment decisions in the international capital market
* Established in December 2010
Corporate Governance Code
Aims to help Korean companies raise transparency and efficiency and thereby contribute to maximizing their corporate value
Established in September 1999
1st revision in February 2003 / 2nd revision in August 2016

KCGS Guidelines (Series)

A set of KCGS guidelines are designed to provide companies with concrete guidance on good practices in corporate governance and help them improve their governance voluntarily in line with the Corporate Governance Code.

  • Series 1Proxy Voting Guidelines
  • Series 2Board Evaluations Guidelines
  • Series 3CEO Evaluations Guidelines
  • Series 4Remuneration Committee Guidelines
  • Series 5Board Operations Guidelines

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