KCGS established and is implementing internal control standards to improve the reliability, impartiality, and transparency of its activities, contribute to the spread of ESG management, and strengthen the protection of information users and investors by prescribing matters concerning the standards and procedures for KCGS and its officers and employees to comply with in the performance of their duties.

The key contents are as follows:
  • 1. Division of Work and Organization KCGS shall make clear the roles and responsibilities of the officers and employees and structure the organization in consideration of the type and nature of the duties, the degree of a conflict of interest, etc.
  • 2. Internal Control Functions and Internal Control Standards Internal control functions, including the board of directors, the president, and the compliance officer, shall play their respective roles in establishing, maintaining, and operating an efficient internal control system, and the establishment and revision of the internal control standards shall be approved by the board of directors.
  • 3. Compliance Officer and Operation of Internal Control System The compliance officer shall have the authority and duties to monitor the compliance with internal control standards, manage conflicts of interest, etc. KCGS shall guarantee the independence of the duties of the compliance officer and the compliance function.
  • 4. Code of Conduct Officers and employees shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, internal control standards, and other rules of KCGS in performing their duties and carry out their duties according to transparent and fair procedures so that they may earn trust, both internally and externally.
  • 5. Management of Conflicts of Interest KCGS and its officers and employees shall perform their duties in a fair and faithful manner from an independent perspective. KCGS shall separate departments and human resources between the activities with potential conflicts of interest, such as ESG rating activities and advisory service.
  • 6. Prohibition of Unfair Acts In performing duties, KCGS and its officers and employees shall not engage in unfair acts, including those that coerce or solicit rated companies to use the services or products provided by KCGS or its member organizations in exchange for the assignment of a specific rating. Officers and employees shall not trade the financial investment instruments of rated companies, companies targeted for analysis, clients, etc., using non-public information about them.
  • 7. Disclosure of ESG Ratings KCGS shall disclose its rating methodologies and rating results within the range protected by relevant statutes and make efforts to provide information users with sufficient and accurate information.
  • 8. Management of Work Materials and Non-public Information KCGS shall put in place a policy concerning how to keep its work materials. KCGS and its officers and employees shall use the non-public information provided in relation to their duty for the purpose relevant to the performance of the pertinent duty only.

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